Fort Loudoun Lake Association

At Fort Loudoun Lake Association we follow R.E.M – Remove, Educate, and Monitor. We are on the water every day removing trash and debris for a safer lake, educate local businesses, schools, and the community on how to keep our lake clean, and monitor the water quality. The Fort Loudoun Lake Association promotes the economic benefit and the quality of life in the value of clean water.

Who we are:

Fort Loudoun Lake Association (FLLA) covers 50 linear miles of lake from the Forks of the River to the For Loudoun Dam. This includes 300 miles of shoreline in Knox, Blount, and Loudon counties. We are a non-profit conservation organization devoted to conserving, maintaining, protecting, and restoring the 52 linear miles of Fort Loudoun Lake and its watershed.

We have Michael Gaugler Ph.D. on staff doing daily scientific water quality testing within the meaning of section 501(c)(3), which includes monitoring for illicit sewage discharge for the health and safety of the public and natural habitats of East Tennessee. Jake Hudson, Kirk Forgety and Chris Orban are our Zone Managers out on the water everyday keeping the water clean and debris free.

There is no competitor doing the work of the Fort Loudoun Lake Association or an organization with our mission. The communities and area citizens affected have been supportive and excited about the prospects of this organization. Fort Loudoun Lake Association is a membership organization whose members share the responsibility for the lake water they enjoy.

Fort Loudoun Lake Association’s official Proclamation Day was July 27, 2006 at Volunteer Landing.

The Fort Loudoun Lake Association is a bridge building membership organization which gives people who live, work and recreate on or near Fort Loudoun Lake a voice in protecting and enhancing one of our area’s greatest resources and assets. The membership of this organization in turn gives Fort Loudoun Lake a voice with which to address its needs.

Scope of Work:

We remove boating hazards such as large logs, dead animals, tires, trash, and other debris to make Fort Loudoun Lake safer for all types of water recreation. To protect area citizens and wildlife from disease we must continue to improve the quality of water coming into Fort Loudoun Lake by addressing stormwater problems, erosion management, illicit sewage discharge monitoring, and water quality testing in the watershed. By working together much can be accomplished to improve the 9,555 square miles of watershed and 12,600 acres of lake surface area. Clean water is a very important resource in benefitting the local economy and our quality of life.


Fort Loudoun Lake Association organizes volunteer clean-ups to help in keeping the shoreline clear of debris, and assist the Zone Managers out on the water.

The annual Paddle for Clean Water happens every August to promote the value in clean water, and the significant asset that is Fort Loudoun Lake. This is a five mile paddle from Ned McWherter Park to Sequoyah Park.

Raising of the Water happens every spring when TVA raises the water to recreational levels.


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