Managed IT Services for the Hospitality Industry

We provide hospitality point of sale solutions (cloud based and locally managed), digital menu boards, secured networking and WiFi setups, etc…  


What We Do

Cloud Based

Online Ordering, Virtual Gift Cards, Pay at Table, Pay in App, and manageable anywhere there is a web browser. What’s not to like about the Heartland Restaurant iPad POS solution? 

Locally Managed

Need a fully-featured, proven, and LOCALLY supported point of sale solution that won’t cost you a fortune in training costs, installation fees, and useless proprietary hardware? Dinerware is built specifically for you by other restraurant/bar owners.

Liquor/Package Store

LiquorPOS has been the first choice of independent retail operators for nearly three decades. More than 5000 owners use LiquorPOS to help automate routine tasks, allowing them to operate more efficiently, productively, and profitably.

Network Design

Any Point of Sale system is only as good as the network backbone it runs on. Why pay thousands for a shiny new POS solution only to have it crash and burn when the first ethernet cable gets unplugged? 

Internet Failover

The best defense is a good offense…..why wait to react when your ISP drops the ball and you lose internet connectivity? The right solution is to come right out of the gate with automatic 4/5G failover solutions so “things just work” when they need to. 

Digital Menu Boards

Inexpensive ($20/month per screen).

Easily managed (WYSIWYG web interface).

Uses readily available players that you probably already have (Amazon Firesticks!).  

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